“Actionnate was created for my children, and you and yours.

My eldest daughter is passionate about our planet. She is keenly aware of how our actions affect animals and challenged our family to stop supporting cosmetics companies that practice animal testing. We realized how difficult it is to learn about companies’ ethical practices. That’s why Wow to Pop, Inc. is launching Actionnate, a tool to help consumers make purchases that align with their ethical preferences.”

– Kathryn Minckler, Founder of Wow to Pop, Inc.

What is Actionnate? 

Actionnate, launching in early 2021, is a web and mobile platform that aggregates data in facilitating the achievement of The Purposeful Economy, an economy driven by purpose driven towards positive social change. Designed to be easy to use and relevant for everyone, Actionnate matches and connects people, brands, and non-profits with similar values through a proprietary database. Actionnate allows consumers to determine if brands and non-profits meet their avowed social causes, corporate governance and product standards. Conversely, it informs brands and non-profits as to the degree to which they are engaging relevant consumer clusters and thereby meeting market demand.







Facilitating purposeful collaborations, Actionnate allows consumers to decide what brands and non-profits to support. Available sustainability reports are complex and difficult to understand. Actionnate solves this problem. Our database standardizes sustainability and social responsibility metrics such as ESG and CSR to support more than 50 important consumer behavioral drivers or Passions.” When users join Actionnate, they select their avowed passions and Actionnate matches the user to brands that support those values.

Conversely, Actionnate provides a platform for companies to easily share their ethical contributions. Further, data reports inform brands and non-profits if they are aligned with the values of current consumer segments. Our data enables them to quickly conduct research and make, when appropriate, marketing pivots in real time. Actionnate connects brands with consumers in a new, purposeful way.

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Wow to Pop, Inc. is a Delaware corporation founded by Kathryn Minckler in 2018. It is a technology company whose mission is to develop significant market insights, intelligence and innovative communications. 

Actionnate is the Company’s first product.