As we prepared for the school season this August, Actionnate focused on Education as part of the #2020TheGreatReset campaign. Schools across the world were making decisions that impacted students, parents, teachers, and staff for the coming school year and for years to come. This sparked conversations about education including student mental health and education deficits due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We highlighted some actionnaters creating positive and innovative change.

Education Facts:

According to school surveys, Less than 25% of K-12 school leaders have been able to meet students’ mental health needs at the same level from before the coronavirus pandemic.

The situation is especially stark for urban schools, where only 5% of leaders say they have been able to keep up

60% of college students indicate that the pandemic has made it more difficult to access mental healthcare.

A new study projects students will start the new school year with an average of 66% of the learning gains in reading and 44% in math, relative to the gains for a typical school year. 

Actionnate researched and found heartwarming stories, helpful apps, and ways for you and your family to actionnate education.

Actionnater Stories


This is what #2020TheGreatReset is all about. UNESCO partnered with 140 organizations and agencies to form the Global Education Coalition. This group of collaboration and innovation is actionnating to protect the right to education and ensure #LearningNeverStops.

Learn more about UNESCO’s global coalition here


Although school buses can’t bring students to school, the Savannah Chatham County Public School System equipped 10 buses to bring wifi to it’s students.

Learn more about Wifi on Wheels here


Our children need safe and smart schooling. Some companies are trying to help. 74% of Americans believe that it is important for companies to fund local education.

Among companies that signed the “Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation,” 73% disclosed funding local education programs.

Learn more about this study here


Cynthia and David Kim are our Actionnaters of the Month! The Kims founded Children of Fallen Patriots, which has delivered over $40 million in scholarship support and educational counseling to children of our country’s fallen service members.

Learn more about our Actionnaters here

Education Apps

We are excited to share 9 incredible apps that will help both parents and students as they learn from home.

Covid-19 has made it difficult for teachers, students and parents to continue education outside of the classroom. Apps and technology can highlight inequalities between students, but they can also help them grow and succeed. We wanted to highlight these 9 apps that we think will bring success to students learning from home. Click the links to find them on the app store!

There’s a lot we can and will do to make this world a better place. Take action now by walking the walk with Actionnate and the #2020TheGreatReset. Join the conversation on our various social media platforms: