Turning Passions Into Purposeful Action

Designed to be easy to use and relevant for everyone, Actionnate empowers consumers to put their passions into action.

Launching in early 2021, Actionnate is the only app which provides consumers with a certified and standardized series of snapshots to vet brands and non-profits. Conversely, it informs brands and non-profits if they are engaging relevant consumer clusters.

With its proprietary data base, Actionnate aggregates data for use by consumers, brands and non-profits, laying the foundation of The Purposeful Economy ecosystem.

The Purposeful Economy integrates connections facilitated by technology and the commitments brands, non-profits and consumers make to underlying values and social goals.

It enables individual or collective action to advance purposeful, positive change toward a better world. 

Individual and corporate health are the foundation for their purpose and resulting actions which in turn accelerates greater future community well-being.

Connecting people, brands and non-profits







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